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A Social Life: It’s Just Not For Me

Some of y’all may be pretty familiar with my bad dating luck. It’s not exactly a secret. But in all fairness, it’s not always them. Sometimes I am the lemon.


Important to know: I HAD THE FLU!!!

I’m sorry for being so defensive right off the bat, but y’all need to know this. Really, you do. I. HAD. THE. FLU.

Okay, here we go… I met a gentleman we will call “J”. Protecting his identity is more to save me from more humiliation than him. Heaven forbid one of you people track down this guy and bring up my name. I shudder at the reaction my imagination is giving me. Anywho, I gave J my number and we exchanged pleasant conversation and texts. This is the first time in a, well let’s say VERY, long time I’ve given out my number to anyone.

The first time he invited me for drinks, I had to pass. A: It’s during the week. B: No sitter. C. I’m working a bit later than usual. Fortunately, he was pretty understanding and we continued chatting and texting. So, he asked me out again a couple weeks later. Again, I had to decline. My son seemed to catch a bug and needed breathing treatments. Once again, he was understanding. This bug turned into the flu and I was in nurse mommy mode. Working full time (I’m so blessed to have been able to take my son with me to the office a few days), dinner, medications, middle of the night breathing treatments. It’s a glamorous life…not for everyone. So, messages weren’t returned in a timely fashion…or at all in some cases. Again, lucky me, he seemed to completely get it.

So… I should know this by now, but I just never learn. Having a sick little bed bug right next to me only means it’s a matter of time until I’m sick. Damn germ monkey. But, how can I say no to that sweet, snotty face when all he wants to do is have mommy hold him and watch “Goonies” with him until he drifts off into a fevered sleep? I’m not made of stone, you know!

After spending almost a week nursing my little sidekick back to health, I spend my weekend hopped up on Thera Flu and watching YouTube mukbangs. I think I’m feeling better; not like it matters- I’ve got to get back to work anyway.

Finally…FINALLY! A dinner date with J is going to happen. Friday night. And it’s perfect timing. I can go home, rest a bit and probably reapply a decent looking face. After a 20 minute nap… yeah… 20 minutes.

After four hours – FOUR HOURS, I finally wake up to 14 missed calls and 7 text messages. The last saying “if u didn’t want to go out, u should’ve said so”. On top of feeling like crap, I felt like crap. That’s a lot of crap to feel like. I was pretty sure at that point, there would be no more rescheduling. One redirect to voice mail and an ignored text later, umm yep. I’m not very good at reading signs from the dating scene, but it was hard to ignore the neon “YOU SUCK” flashers directed at me. (that’s actually being kind… I’m pretty sure he had much more colorful language for me)

Maybe in several months, when I finally have another potential date, I’ll chug a Red Bull and chew some vitamin c and B-12 during the week. But for now, it’s nap time.

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