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Without A Job: So Now What?

8 Tips To Keep You Moving Forward

Hey guys. So it seems my last blog about this being the year of foresight may have been premature. In the beginning of 2020, the very first month…nay… WEEK of 20/20 vision was deemed null and void. I was laid off. Well dang; I definitely did NOT see this coming. My first weekend of official unemployment put me into some type of survival mode. But you know what? My situation isn’t unique. Be it cutbacks or downsizing… whatever the reason, many people may suddenly find themselves without a job. Now what?
Below are a few helpful tips at getting you both of us through this uncertain time:

Tips: Now What

  • Apply for unemployment benefits as soon as you are able. It could take at least 10 days before your case is reviewed. You’ll want to begin the process right away.
  • Write down your current budget & spending habits: This should include your paycheck. This will give you an idea of what your (employed) spending habits are. Take a hard look at this, because things are about to change. Don’t forget food! (Yours and any pet food). Take a look at any savings you have. Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you that you’re dipping into that right away. It’s just good to know what your safety net is.
  • Make a list of all your monthly spending: This list will be limited to monthly bills, dues & fees. Make sure to include everything like Netflix, gym, Spotify… basically all subscriptions. Check your PayPal and bank account statements if you need any mental refreshers. You might be surprised at how many subscriptions you have.
    Now for the hard part
  • Get the highlighter: Highlight all your necessary expenses. What do you need? Now is the time to determine what absolutely cannot be frozen, canceled, or deferred. Make some calls; there are many agencies that work with financial emergencies by temporarily reducing your payments or even putting them on hold for a few months.  Go to their websites or call and ask. The worst answer you can get is “no”, and then you just go from there.

    List all your monthly spending
    List all your monthly bills

Now What: Get To Networking

  • As in social networking: LinkedIn,, Indeed, etc. even Bumble!  There are so many websites and social media sites set up exclusively for job searching and networking. Set up or update your accounts and start that search!
  • Dust off that resumé: Make sure your resumé is up to date. Add in your most recent employment and all your duties that job entailed. Be sure to make it sound snazzy! If you feel mentally blocked on this, utilize Google for examples on layouts and wording. There are countless sites and templates to help you out. ( Google will always be your best friend.) Hey, if it’s in your budget, set an appointment for a professional resumé writer to take a look for you. Oh yeah… don’t forget to collect those letters of recommendation!

    Now What: Figure Out Your Dreams

  • What is it YOU want to do? What’s your passion? How can you earn an income from it? This may be the time to figure these things out. Just be aware there aren’t any jobs for professional nappers. I checked.
    If you’re unsure, make a list. Yes, I love lists. They work, trust me. Write down your hobbies, what your good at, likes… what you daydream about doing (except Netflix and naps. Again, I checked). Do you want to go back to school? This could be the push you need to go back! Look into it. Right now, it’s all about possibilities.

    Now What: Fall Apart

  • It’s okay to grieve. Whether you lost your dream job or are just upset about the lost security, it’s okay to not be okay. You can fall apart as long as you know when to pull yourself back together. Don’t hold it in; your mental health needs to be okay. Let out the emotions!
    Losing your job is basically a breakup. We (usually) mourn a breakup, don’t we? You’re breaking up with a steady paycheck, health benefits, colleagues you like, heck, even the colleagues you don’t like. It’s a lot to handle. So go ahead my friend – be sad. It’s completely normal.

Now to get on it! Make those lists and go get those in order! You got this.

The future is still looking good

Keep looking ahead.


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