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2020: The Year of Hindsight & Foresight

Hey y’all. As we leave this year behind and make our resolutions for the next, my mind is drifting per usual. “Hindsight is 20/20” is the saying that keeps rolling around in my head. Because as the year winded down, I could see all the warning signs and red flags that led to 2019 being a personal dumpster fire. Yup, hindsight is indeed 20/20. This is the year of the rat according to Chinese zodiac. No, 2020 is the year of both hindsight and foresight.

But 20/20 is also used to describe perfect vision. Right now, I feel that’s exactly what I have coming in: a perfect vision of what I want for me, for my little family. I’m ready to shed the troubles and sadness that 2019 brought and breathe in the positivity that my year of great vision will bring.

I know it’s not a quick snap of the fingers and we’re golden. I’m ready for the clear sight that will get me closer. I am definitely ready for better things ahead. This year, I am better aware of the obstacles I face with my quirky brain and sometimes wonky body. in 2020, I will not be defeated by the fireballs hurled at my life; not even a little bit.

2020: the year of hindsight and foresight. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Getting it together for 2020


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Not sponsored in any way, I just want my friends to know they’re not alone 🙂 

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