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Time to Me: An Update

Hi y’all. I know it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged, chatted with y’all, or really been on any of my “muddy” social media. Gonna be honest… I needed some time. Some time to “me” to get my mental health straight.

I’ve been an open book about my mental health journey, and I’m letting you know: it’s been rocky lately. Twists and turns everywhere! If this journey was an actual hike, this would be the advanced trail. And no matter how many times I take this damn trail, I am not prepared.

2019 has been rocky AF, both with situational crap and all the “in-my-brain” crap. Like hElLo; can I get a break please?! Depression and anxiety are just ridiculous sometimes. Super serious, but super ridiculous.

The past few months have been about fiddling with meds to still let me be “me”. But that’s a whole other uphill battle. Maybe we’ll talk about it later. Who knows.

What I have been doing is focusing on getting me back: taking time to me again. Sometimes after a long day of being all “normal” and stuff at work, I had just enough energy to get home and vegetate. Other days, I felt so close to me again, I had to relish that time with The Boy. I just didn’t trust that it was a regular thing. I was right.

So that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to: taking care of my brain and letting anxiety run the show. But one thing I do appreciate about my anxiety brain is it never quite shuts off. So when I can harness its powers, I’ve been making a list of all I want to do with Mud On My Tiara. And let me tell you… I am EXCITED!

Cheers and happy mental health journey, my friends! Remember, it’s okay if you need your own “time to me” for your mental health. In fact, we all need that sometimes.

P.S. Ya girl is a DM, comment or email away if any of you ever want to talk. I am here for you.

my furry anxiety blanket (dog hair included)

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