Tiara meets Mud

What is mud on my tiara? Mud is me. I am a queen. My tiara is also pretty dirty. I trip and fall, but hell if I’m going to stay down. Welcome to the queendom.

I’ve been stumbling through the really real world for a while now. My attempting to adult is filled with absurdity. But, I wipe the mud off my tiara and keep trying to build my queendom. It’s a continuous journey in figuring it all out: mom life, dating, etc. My lifestyle alternates between committed hermit where I just want services like Uber Eats and Netflix to comfort me or wandering about to the amazing local places and happenings around the area.

I am happy to share pieces of all aspects of my life with you – my friends. I don’t have the typical social media aesthetic. My queendom doesn’t have a filter… it’s real and messy. It’s a real mess. I know it and I let you know it. You can laugh with me, you can laugh at me… you can just laugh. It’s fine.

Anyone can be a princess, but to be the Queen, you can’t be afraid to get a little mud on your tiara.