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Go All In for Poker Face

don’t leave the house

Hi friends! Are you also avoiding the not-so-great outdoors? That’s cool, nothing good happens out there anyway. Let’s pop some popcorn and get comfy!  This time we’re exploring someplace other than Netflix and Hulu… OOOOH! EXCITING! SOOOOO….. LET’S BE HERMITS!

i’m not bluffing

Ok, I’m done with the poker puns – mostly because I don’t know anymore. Lucky you. Anyway… Head over to Peacock and start watching Poker Face. Trust me.

Poker Face is a “crime of the week” murder mystery show. Natasha Lyonne (American Pie, Orange Is The New Black, Russian Doll) is Charlie Cale. Charlie is a casino employee with this really cool ability to know when someone is lying. Her boss (the casino owner’s son) tries to use her unique skill in some shady scheme he cooked up. Of course, things go sideways and she ends up on the run from a vengeful casino boss after a suspicious death. At every stop, she comes across some colorful characters and inevitably ends up solving murders in different settings.

Natasha Lyonne is a perfect Charlie. She is definitely a hot mess, but is so used to being a hot mess she makes it into a whole cool vibe. Like she means to be a hot mess. It’s totally on purpose.

Not gonna lie- I’d definitely wanna be her friend. I would also be would way be too intimidated to even try.

The show is set up as a case-of-the-week murder mystery series. Charlie is constantly is constantly on the run so, every week has a new set of victims, suspects, and quirky characters. If Knives Out and Murder She Wrote had a baby using Psych as a surrogate, this would be that show. (I’ve read a lot of comparison to Columbo, but I don’t know who that even is. Never met the guy.)

Peacock has all of Season 1 available and that makes it perfectly bingeable! Also, Charlie will be back with her BS meter for a Season 2! YAY! GO WATCH!

Hot Mess Charlie


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