Monster Times: Jamming Traditions With The Boy

Monster Jam Is Life

Last weekend was our annual trip to our personal Disneyland. Well… The Boy’s anyway. That’s right folks. Monster Jam came to town and per tradition, we were there. Getting sandblasted and inhaling gas fumed for several hours. That is what we call a good time.

The Boy has loved Monster Jam and monster trucks pretty much his whole life. He got his very first monster truck for his first Christmas and it was game over. He was basically introduced to the love of his life. Many kids grow out of Monster Jam and trucks, but The Boy’s love has only grown stronger. He’s gone from playtime Monster Jam enthusiast to planning his future in the Monster Jam game. He has sketch books filled with designs of his future trucks that he’s going to build from scratch and then learn to race. Afterward he’s going into the CIA because “Monster truck racing isn’t a long-term career, Mom”. But, that’s a story for another time.

Saturday Night The Mood Is Right

In his 11 years on this planet, I think we have been to about 8 Monster Jam events when it comes to town. They’re here the first weekend of March and he’s already looking forward to the next year. He will start the countdown January 2nd. Monster Jam is his jam.

It’s A Thing

Here’s the thing: Monster Jam is kind of a whole thing. There’s a lot of walking, yelling, and cheering. Oh – and spending. Stadium snacks are not cheap. Stadium hydration is not cheap. Monster Jam memorabilia is not cheap. The Boy refuses to get a job, so it’s all on my pitiful income. By the end of the show, my wallet is lighter, my hands are full and my back and hips hurt. See – it’s a whole thing. Oh – and my voice is shredded from cheering because of course I scream at the races and happenings.

We have had this annual tradition since he was a toddler, so I kind of have the saving up and walking around and all that stuff down pat. Honestly, it can be a financial stressor. But I relish our traditional date days more than I think about the spending. One day he’s going to go to Monster Jam with friends and Momma won’t be cool enough to join. I will be so sad when that happens.

But, maybe eventually I’ll be in the VIP section watching The Boy race and stunt with the truck he designed and built… you know… before he goes into the CIA.

We saw some air…



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