Distance Learning Roll Call

Distance Learning Roll Call: Teacher Appreciation Post

Hi friends! We’ve made it through the third week of distance learning and I cannot wait to transfer this kid out of my class. But seriously I am currently mentally curated the loveliest, most extravagant “thank you for everything you do that goes above and beyond for these savage children” basket for all 7 of the child’s teachers. I may have to take out a small loan to pay for said baskets, but it’ll happen. And you can bet your sweet biscuits I’m putting some booze in there. They are earning every bottle of alcohol Total Wine and More has to offer…and I will get it for them. Here’s our distance learning roll call: how y’all doing?

Since the spring break that never ended has kept these hatchlings learning from home, a whole new level of respect has developed for educators. Already criminally underpaid and overworked, they accepted the task of extra seminars and workshops in order to hold classes remotely. After spending years learning and then evenings, weekends and summers expanding on ways to engage the classroom and keep their curriculum hands on, none of it matters right now. Suddenly they have a couple short months to completely redo everything they’ve been told to do and put it in a new and unfamiliar format.

teachers are magical beings and anyone who disagrees can fight me

Teachers have always worked far more hours than anyone who’s not a teacher acknowledges. And now they’re working even longer hours. After a long day of trying to keep students engaged via computer screen, they are checking in on each student individually to see what they need help with, how their life at home is going, if they’re okay, etc. Basically taking “above & beyond”  to another level. I didn’t even know that was possible for teachers to do, but here we are.

Teachers have always had so little to work with and made it happen. Now? These superstars are basically performing magic. I am getting emails, texts, phone calls, reminders, etc. keeping me up to date on what my kid is up to during class time… AND I’M IN THE NEXT ROOM! I’m eternally grateful.

Lots of parents are complaining about the “extra” work they have to do, calling it the teacher’s job. FALSE *Dwight Schrute voice*. We’re simply being held accountable for what is already already our obligation as parents. It’s the teachers’ jobs to educate. It’s our job to make sure they go to class and it’s our job to make sure they’re doing the work. We’re all simply doing what we’re supposed to do in a different scenario. Here’s another distance learning roll call: who’s bashing these amazing people?! I just wanna talk.

nobody’s happy but we’re all sorta fine 

Look, I get it. Nobody is 100% happy with how school is happening right now. It’s inconvenient, frustrating, and a little bit scary. Our kids miss their friends and teachers. In many cases, our kids are missing out on the key experiences like their first year of elementary, middle, or high school… heck… college even. Our elementary and even middle school-aged kids aren’t used to this kind of learning and may not even fully comprehend why they’re being kept away from the learning environment they know.

It’s not really okay, but it’s fine. I hate that my son is missing out on his middle school experience. I hate that he’s isolated from his friends and socializing and his typical learning environment. But I love knowing that his physical health is good. I have to work a little harder and be fairly creative to keep those mental health levels good, but physically he’s good. We’re good.

Am I stressed TF out like ALL the time about all of this? Umm … yeah. I don’t know what I’m doing, I don’t know if I’m doing enough and I don’t know what I’m going to do if I have to do more… it’s a never-ending cycle of “what the hell”. It’s okay to let your kids know you don’t have all the answers and aren’t always running at 100% positivity.

When I say we’re all in this together, I mean we’re all in this together. 

doing the best we can

As of now, distance learning has been extended until mid-October. Some parents and even non-parents are ripping the teachers apart, saying they aren’t even trying to do their job or are being lazy. THE HELL THEY ARE! Like I said before; they’re working even harder in trying to do everything they did before, but virtually. Let’s ease each other’s burdens by doing our parts too. They’ve always said it takes a village. Well dammit, let’s create one.


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