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this is me: depression

This is me. with depression

This is me. 

Was it a good day? Was it a bad day? Or was it just a day? No one but me will ever know.
Depression is always present. That darkness is always somewhere in there. When your mind is finding its way through that darkness, you don’t just “get through it.” It doesn’t just end suddenly.

You calculate your mental health journey in days.

A bad day. A good day. Or just a day. The journey isn’t linear. It’s up. It’s down. There’s not a forecast. It’s sunshine. It’s rain. It’s a torrential downpour. It’s just a little cloudy. There are countless euphemisms to describe the ups and downs of mental health.
But here’s the thing: depression & and anxiety are not shameful secrets. Living with these don’t make you damaged or broken. They make you human. They are part of what make you enough. Because you ARE enough. WE are enough.

Depression & anxiety are just you living with chemical happenings going on in your brain that you cannot control. If I have a cold or flu, I’m going to take care of that because that’s my health. If I can’t see clearly, I’m going wear my glasses because that’s my health. If I’m dealing with major anxiety, I’m going to take care of that because that’s my health. If my depression is handing me a tough day, I’m going to deal with that because that’s my health.

I take a multivitamin when I’m deficient. I take iron when my body is running low. I take Vitamin C & D when I’m deficient. Why would I not take an antidepressant if my brain is low on that dopamine/ serotonin and these neurotransmitters aren’t doing their due diligence. That’s my health.

There’s no shame.

There’s no shame in taking care of your health. There is absolutely no shame in living with depression and anxiety. There  no shame in any one’s mental health.

If you or anyone in your life is struggling with their mental health, please head here for resources. I am always here for anyone who wants to talk or vent. Always.


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