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The Home Edit Made Me Do It

Organizing soothes my anxiety.  It’s so calming to have something I can fix in my life when there is so much I can’t fix – ya dig? I prefer the anxiety over depression: it’s so much more productive! A planner with color coded projects and post its and to do lists? Ahh – makes my soul sing. Opening my bedroom closet and seeing my clothes hung in order and all facing the same direction? Ugh: glorious. I could go on. Unfortunately life gets in the way and ruins those baby blissful moments.

A few weeks ago I binged The Home Edit on Netflix because of course I did, and guess what? For once I found a home decor/organizing series that didn’t stress me out and make me feel terrible about myself and super poor, but rather inspire me. When I say inspire, I mean inspire. I might be doing light stalking on their Instagram and have their book in my Amazon cart. But I digress.

What’s happening around my house right now in bits and pieces is a beautiful mishmash of anxiety, inspiration and motivation. When near crippling and persistent anxiety propels you to do some great things, do them.

the linen closet

My Home Edit: Before

I took my inspiration to the hall closet. My closet wasn’t in hopeless need of repair, because, as I mentioned before, I do like to organize. But I’m never 100% satisfied and it always falls apart in some way, shape or form.

Clearly, (no pun intended) I cannot afford a load of acrylic or lucite boxes and the pretty baskets they use are totally out of reach financially (I have an idea for my bathroom though). What I do have is a label maker. And your girl can find a suitable dupe like no other. Target has some great shoebox sized Sterilite boxes that I snagged. Perfect size and every lid is matching.

organizing my anxiety away
sending my hand sanitizers to their new home
organizing the linen closet
quality time with my label maker involved testing fonts and wording.

After completely emptying out the closet, I sorted all my stuff into piles. Then I grabbed some bins and spent some quality time with my label maker. Every organized pile now has a pretty little bin home and each little bin home is properly labeled so the system doesn’t fall apart this time! Also, label maker labels make me happy. (Truly. For a few hours the dogs were running around with labels on their tales that said “dog butt”. I might have a problem.)

I reorganized everything on my shelves in a way that made sense to me. And I love it. It’s not quite The Home Edit worthy, but I think it’s a nice budget version. And oh so very calming. Truly: organizing soothes my anxiety.

the home edit budget version
everyone has a [labeled] home now <3
Now, let me see what else I can label and organize.

Note: I’ve linked a couple of the items I wrote about. I don’t make any money off the links. I just really love my label maker and how my bins look!

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