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Week 2 Of My 6 Week Challenge: Am I Dead Yet?

Proud to say I survived Week 1 of my Six Week Challenge with our local Iron Dog Gym. Barely… but barely still counts.

Oh yes… I forgot to mention my car broke down again Friday. I could have really used shots after that, but instead I had chocolate milk (NOT ALLOWED IN MY MEAL PLAN) It was delicious and I have no regrets. Sometimes, even the goodest girls rebel. 

It was a hell of a week, guys.

Meals This Week: Honestly I didn’t really do any meal prepping. I did make all my chicken and ground turkey for the week and have a freezer full of the ready to steam veggies. (I love the convenience of those!) I kept to the approved food list, but my meals were pretty uninspired this week; no creative recipes or combinations. Nothing exciting to report on that front. Except I am hungry ALL. THE. TIME. What the hell, man?


Monday:  I thought I was passed my need for my morning coffee fix . This week is actually worse. I’m such an asshole. I’m pretty sure I lost my only two friends and all my colleagues hate me. I’m sorry for all the things I have said and will say while I’m not caffeinated. If it’s this hard for me to get off the coffee, I am definitely not cut out for the hard drugs; which is good because I can’t afford any kind of drug habit anyway. It’s just not it my budget. No car, no workout. Good because everything still hurts and I’m dying. That’s from Friday’s workout. Guys, I think I found the title for my biography. I’m pretty sure this is my life from now on.

Tuesday: First workout of the week. 5am. Let’s do this shit. But first… Weigh In: GUYS! I lost 7 pounds! In. A. Week. I know, right?! Exciting stuff. Definitely motivation to keep it moving. Dammit… let’s keep it moving. So I think I’m getting stronger already. I didn’t feel like throwing up. Fast forward to 4 hours later where I can barely lift my arms at work and well… nope, never mind. I suck.

Wednesday: Day 2. Is it normal to start sweating IN ANTICIPATION of sweating? Just me? Okay, cool. I’m disgusting. It is so frustrating that my lame ass body won’t do what both the trainer and my brain want it to without the need to pause and barf. Seriously – bless this trainer, actually all these trainers for being both positive AND pushy because not only am I being pushed beyond the fairly inactive life I was leading for the past couple years, but I’m being pushed beyond what my has ever been able to do.

My cousin invited me to a barbeque and swimming Saturday.


I’m definitely not winning friends and family over during these next couple months. Caffeine is what kept me relatively nice, apparently. The real me is pretty unpleasant. I always suspected as much…

Thursday: No workout today. I get to visit the doctor instead. I joke that I’ve always had old lady bones, but now my age is actually catching up. This morning… this shit isn’t funny. My joke is as old as my old lady bones. I AM HURTING. Okay so the doctor thinks I still have a kidney infection. Fanfuckingtastic. Since I took the day off for this, I decided to make this Hatchling and me time. That means MOVIE DATE! I failed my test and grabbed several handfuls of his popcorn. I suck. This is what I get for skipping breakfast and lunch. Today was just a total fail. I did get myself back on track with a decent cod and asparagus dinner. Popcorn, cod and asparagus; that was my entire food intake for the day… I should be better than this at this point. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Post workout vibes

Friday: I’m back at it. Workout #3 in effect. This workout was probably the most vicious one yet. I had to pause so many times to try to catch my breath, I thought my lungs had shriveled.  I almost threw up countless times and my entire weak ass left side was shaking so bad, I couldn’t even put much weight on my leg. If looks could kill, the trainer would’ve been fine because even my eyeballs hurt too much to roll at him. Sadistic monster. But you know what? I did it. I FUCKING DID IT! I made it through (barely). Lungs intact (mostly). And minimal vomit (until post workout). Also, I don’t hate him anymore. We’re cool… until the next workout.

After my workout was straight to the doctor. Again. Turns out I still had my kidney infection. I KNEW IT! I KNEW I WASN’T JUST A LITTLE BITCH. LEGIT PAIN, Y’ALL. I feel vindicated. Actually, no. I am a wimp. I’m working on it, but yea… I’m a wimp.

However, this wimp made it through Week 2 of her 6 Week challenge. Let’s see how good I did at the next weigh in.

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