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Spooky Season: Serial Killer Documentaries You Need To Watch

It’s spooky season, sukkas!! I know not everyone lives that true crime watching lifestyle and celebrates spooky season year-round like me. But we’re so close to Halloween and now is the time to let that creepy freak flag fly. I’m here to help y’all because I’m such a good friend. Below is a list of the best serial killer documentaries that you need to watch to get into that creepy spirit.


Serial Killer Documentary to watch

Cropsey is the Staten Island urban legend. What started off as a boogeyman story to scare children became reality thanks to Andre Rand. Rand is a convicted child abductor and a suspected serial killer. Cropsey uses years of interviews, old footage and follows the film makers/narrators as they search for answers to the five children Rand is suspected of abducting and killing.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime Video

The Pig Farm

Serial killer documentaries to watch
Robert William Pickton

Canada might be known for being like super nice, but when they have murders, they don’t fart around. This documentary goes into the disturbing crimes of pig farmer and serial killer, Robert William Pickton. The Pig Farm tries to figure out why it took so long to capture and convict one of Canada’s most notorious serial killers including who knew what was happening and when they learned what was happening. Pickton was tried and convicted for six counts of murder, suspected of at least 26 other unsolved cases, and bragged in prison about 49, saying that he wanted to go for 50, but he got sloppy. Yeah.

Watch it on: iTunes

Monster in My Family: Happy Face Killer

Happy Face Killer
Keith Hunter Jesperson

Are you curious what it’s like to be the offspring of a serial killer, this documentary answers some of those questions? The Happy Face Killer was more than… well… a murderer. He was also a family man known as Keith Hunter Jesperpson. Here, we follow his daughter Melissa Moore and her own journey after discovering her dad was leading a serious double life as dad and Happy Face Killer.

Watch it on: YouTube

Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes

Serial killers

Pretty much everyone recognizes the name Ted Bundy and I know there are countless documentaries about this monster, but just trust me on this. Netflix gives us a four-part documentary with you hearing interviews with him on death row. Interviews with people who knew him during his crime spree are also given. What’s truly skeevy is he sounds so normal and logical, but the more you absorb these tapes, the more you realize this fool is a multilayered sack of crazy.

Watch it on: Netflix

Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

Albert Fish

The Great Depression was hard enough. Now imagine having to worry about a grandfatherly serial killer luring children to horrific deaths in New York City. Albert Fish was an elderly and trusted babysitter/cannibal/sadomasochist/serial killer. You know; typical stuff. Fish has serious self harm issues I am not okay with writing here (my mom reads this and she already worries about my viewing tendencies). Trust me when I say that this sh*t is bonkers.

Watch it on: Amazon Prime Video

Born to Kill? Richard Trenton Chase: The Vampire of Sacramento

Serial killer documentaries to watch
The Vampire of Sacramento

In the late 1970’s, Richard chase killed six people in one month, including a pregnant woman during a break-in. When law enforcement caught up with him and searched his apartment, they found “the walls, floor, ceiling, refrigerator, and all of Chase’s kitchen utensils were soaked in blood.” I am sufficiently horrified. This documentary retells the time during his maniacal crime spree including interviews with the people who worked the case.

Watch it on: Dailymotion

There you go; a list of some crazy serial killer documentaries to watch ASAP. Happy viewing!








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