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Your Next Necessary Binge: The Handmaid’s Tale

My hermit life is well known. It’s celebrated in fact. If it weren’t for needing to pay bills and buy groceries, I’d never leave my house. I also watch a lot of shows. Hulu and Netflix are not just streaming services; they’re my friends. I watch a LOT of different shows. As you’ve probably know by now, I watch mostly junk. I think my willingness to watch The Bachelor has proven this. In between the mental trash I absorb, sometimes I catch good stuff. Case in point: The Handmaid’s Tale. It’s a Hulu original and it is fucking nuts. My readers, you need to get on this action. Pfft.. look at me … READERS. *laughing emoji* I crack myself up.  MOM!!! YOU NEED TO GET ON THIS!

The season finale was released this past Wednesday and the timing is perfect for a full on binge weekend. The Handmaid’s Tale is ten episodes of “holy shit” and “Mmm hmm. Making America Great Again”. Seriously though.  It’s terrifying, stressful and riveting AF. I guarantee at least 5 “HOLY SHIT” moments per episode.

One of Many “HOLY SHIT” Moments

Offred is the handmaid who narrates the whole possible future show. The Handmaid’s Tale is basically the cautionary tale of what could  happen when you stop trying to fight the patriarchy. You’re either a barren wife of the Evil Command, an Aunt, A Martha, or a Handmaid, which is basically a breeder sex slave. I know, right?! One presidential election gone horribly awry and look what happens… no. Wait… Offred takes us through her story and she ended up a sex slave handmaid. And boy is it freaking nuts.  Weird charm schools where you learn to be a good breeder, eye gouging, tasers to the face, sex ceremonies, deadly games of Scrabble… I am telling you. LOTS OF FUCKING NUTS MOMENTS.

Girl, we all intend to survive this presidency

Apparently this is also a book, but I’m not as cultured and shit as I thought I was so I had no earthly clue. While you’re bingeing on this horrifying delight, I’ll be reading the book because I need to know what happens before Season 2 starts streaming.

Me: screaming internally

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