Adolescents Are Real Life Gremlins: Parenting

Guys, I live with a real life gremlin. Nobody told me about this.

The Boy’s voice is cracking and I can’t handle it. He’s shot up almost six inches (I might be exaggerating that, but it feels like it) and I can’t handle it. There’s a baby mustache sprouting that has me freaking out. Tiny pimples are making an appearance on that sweet baby face. Guys, this is some rough sh*t. Neither one of us is handling his puberty thing well.

Who Are You?!

The Boy is so freaking moody, and just when I think I cannot handle it anymore, the sweet boy I used to know asks to snuggle and watch a movie together. Awww my boy. He’s also too cool to tell me he loves me over the phone… okay, in person too. But then he randomly runs into whatever room I’m in to give me a hug and then leaves. He does it just because.

About 85% percent of the time, I don’t recognize him and I’m not ready for this new kid to replace the one I’ve been growing for the past 12 years. This is a whole different kind of potato. But that remaining 15% of potato I baked is still in there and watching him morph from The Boy he is into The Man he’s meant to be is pretty amazing.

But Really… 

These are the feels I feel when I’m  all mommalike and nostalgic for the old days. But usually this phase is mostly just a really weird version of Gremlins. I may not make the feed him after midnight, but sometimes making direct eye contact at the wrong hormone surge has the same effect. F*ck. This is puberty.

Adoscelents are real life Gremlins
Have kids they said. It’ll be fun they said…

I Still Like Him 

This phase and The Boy’s mood are extremely unpleasant at times. I think it’s mostly because, as I’ve mentioned before, we’ve never experienced a full on kid phase before. He’s always been my mellow but moody sidekick.

Teenagers are supposed to be the worst. I’m not really a fan of them. I didn’t like teens when I was a teen. But this one? I actually like him. I mean, of course I love him. I’m his mom. But I mean even if he weren’t my kid, I’d still like him. He’s just a likable dude, unless he’s in gremlin mode.

I think what is really hitting me about this stage is that this isn’t leading to the next chapter in his childhood. This is the stage that is the end of his childhood. Yes, yes… I am very aware that he’s only 12 and adulthood is a ways away. But you know what? It actually isn’t. He’s 12 now, but I’m pretty sure it was just a few minutes ago he learned to crawl.

Gonna snuggle him now while he still lets me. I’ve only got seconds left before he goes from Gizmo to Gremlin again.

Teens = gremlins


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