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Your Next Binge Worthy Show: This Is Us

Season finales have me like:

Summer is here and that means most of the best shows are on break and crappy summer TV is the only thing left for us hermits. Looking at you, Bachelor Nation… You don’t deserve the purity that is Rachel! Okay back to my original point. Summer is hard on us TV dependent hermits. It’s actually a long wait between season finales and Game of Thrones season premiere and can cause some deep emotional distress. But don’t worry. I got you, fam.

You may have slept on this new show and that’s a problem but you have time to redeem yourself. This Is Us is not your usual TV dumpster trash panda junkie show. It’s quality shit. The Pearson family is here just trying to get it together in order to live their best lives. They’re real people ( I mean it’s not a documentary, but you get me? They could be real people) dealing with real issues. Aside from being ridiculously gorgeous, they could be us. This Is Us will be your hourly break from being dead inside. Feel all the feels and then re-freeze your soul. It’s fine. 

Season 2 starts in the fall so you have time to correct yourself for missing out the debut season. Lucky for you the entire season is streaming on Hulu.

You’re welcome.

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