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Chanel Miller is ‘Emily Doe’: Say Her Name

Trigger Warning: This post contains references to sexual assault

I still remember when I read Emily Doe’s impact statement about three years ago. Her eloquent words described what could be any young woman’s mundane day and life altering night could have been any of us. In fact, it WAS and IS all of us. I remember breaking down into tears because I know this stranger. If one thing had happened differently at one point, I would have been this stranger.

Emily Doe’s impact statement was so powerful, it went viral; shining a glaring spotlight on rape culture, victim shaming and the long term impact of sexual assault and rape.

The case

Her human fart of a rapist  barely got a slap on the wrist because he was a good kid who “made a mistake” and had a bright future ahead of him. He never denied assaulting her, but he only really copped to drinking a little too much. Because the judge was not much better than a human fart, he sympathized more with this dopey eyed f*ck tard who felt entitled to a drunk woman’s body and was roughed up by legit good guys. I refuse to say his name in this blog, but you can read about the disgusting miscarriage of justice here. The human fart was caught by two Swedish cyclists. The state in which they found her was so upsetting to them, one became physically ill. But let’s worry about the worm dick’s sleepless nights. Anyway. Her rape case went nationwide, again shining a harsh light on rape culture, but also our broken justice system, entitlement and toxic masculinity.

In summation, Emily Doe and her horrific experience blew the lid off of so many things wrong with our country and the patriarchy.

Emily Doe is a warrior and a bad ass and you can fight me if you disagree.

Say her name

Chanel Miller is 'Emily Doe': Say Her Name
Bad Ass Chanel Miller

Emily Doe has maintained her privacy while she healed. Until now. Last week, she came forward with her name; Chanel Miller. Courageous and amazing Chanel Miller has written a memoir called Know My Name chronicling her assault and healing since that will be available later this month.

I already put in my preorder, along with about 50 boxes of Kleenex because I can only imagine the thoughtful and tear jerking gracefulness Ms. Miller approaches in her book.

Chanel Miller has been in my heart since I read her raw and emotional letter those years ago. She is my little sister. She is me.

Thank you Chanel Miller. I can’t wait to ugly cry through your written eloquence.

Preorder Know My Name

To read Chanel Miller’s original victim impact statement, click here.


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