Best Shows Coming To Netflix In July
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Best Shows Coming To Netflix In July

Pool parties, barbeques & camping season is here! JK! I don’t know if y’all are familiar with Texas summers, but we are approximately 2.74 miles from the sun. You basically need SPF 100 to stand near a window in the summer. It’s binge season (per usual). Below are some of the best shows coming to Netflix in July.  


It’s demogorgon season, bitches! The Boy and I waited almost two years for this! When I’m not bingeing reality garbage, post apocalyptic, or murder shows, I like to reduce my stress level with some child endangerment tv. I’m not big into sci-fi, but they hooked me with a group of secretly badass girls set in the 80s. Oh and the nerds. I just freakin adore nerdy kids. This show is a family bonding binge. We love creepy shit and Eleven and her peasants deliver.Stranger Things


This is OITNB’s final season and to be honest,  I’m cool with that. I haven’t really been a fan for a couple seasons, but I feel like I’m in this now, so I need to see this through. Honestly what I’ll miss most about this show is Crazy Eyes. She is adorbs.


My favorite group of guys is coming back to improve a bunch of strangers’ lives and I am just so happy because I’ll be getting some improvement too. Thank goodness because therapy is expensive and I’d much rather get life advice from Karamo and pretend it’s actually me that sweet JVN is calling ferosh. Netflix is truly doing the Lord’s work with this group of beautiful souls.

So there you go. The best shows coming to Netflix in July to help you avoid  the heat, weird tan lines and wrinkles.


Happy bingeing!

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