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Trump Is Gross & Men Are Trash

Hulu is definitely predicting the future with Handmaid’s Tale. Below are the three headlines that made me think that red dress and big ass bonnet aren’t too far behind for females.

1. Trump Accused of Rape (Again) And His Response is Gross (Again)

Another week, another Presidential embarrassment. This actually goes beyond embarrassing. It’s repulsive and terrifying. This time, it’s journalist and Elle magazine columnist E. Jean Caroll. According to Carroll, she met Trump at Bergdorf Goodman in New York in ‘95 or ’96. He approached and asked her to help him choose something for his wife, Marla Maples. That’s when he led her to a women’s dressing room and sexually assaulted her. In her words, “fought”. At first she tried to play it off and laugh but this was not a laughing matter. He raped her. She left and told two friends. One told her to go to the police. Her other friend told her to stay silent. Trump was a big name and would bury her. She listened to the one who told her to stay silent.

If the timing of her accusation seems suspicious to you, well you can just go fuck yourself.

Caroll claims to have not come forward before because she witnessed what happens to accusers. They’re completely trashed by everyone. Christine Blasey Ford, anyone? Who would want that? Once again, this is a strong woman with a solid career. There is no need for a “claim to fame”. Caroll is already a bad ass in her own right. And sadly, she was right. Media has smeared her. Trump fanatics have crucified her.

Most disgusting is our nation’s leader’s response “she’s not my type.” I’m sorry sir. You were accused of sexual assault: RAPE – AGAIN and all you can say is “not my type”?!  You revolting orange slimy worm. This is why women don’t report rape.

2. Pregnant Woman Shot & Arrested For Manslaughter After She Miscarries (WTF Alabama?!)

Because Alabama lawmakers haven’t taken enough leaps backward in 2019, the state is now blaming the woman who was shot BY SOMEONE ELSE for miscarrying her child. The alleged actual shooter, Ebony Jameson was originally charged with manslaughter, but a grand jury failed to indict her and the charges. So Alabama decides it’s Marshae Jones’ fault for getting shot at all.

The two had gotten into a fight outside a Dollar Store arguing over the baby daddy when Jameson pulled out a gun and claims she fired a “warning shot”. Okay, how about NO SHOOTING PEOPLE FOR A FUCKING ARGUMENT?! Ladies, no man is worth it. Turn up the Lizzo and be 100% THAT BITCH, not that bitch.

According to Alabama law enforcement, since Jones instigated the fight, she has no one but herself to blame for getting shot and she’s the whole reason her baby was murdered. I’m sorry but when did getting into a verbal altercation mean you should expect to get shot? Oh right, sorry, Gilead ‘Merica.

3. Woman Arrested For Protecting Herself 

Since this year isn’t garbage enough for women, once again justice lets us down. Last month Joseph Irby was arrested for ramming his car into his estranged wife’s vehicle. This was just the last straw in many years of abuse.  Joseph was arrested and the judge made it clear he was not to possess any weapons.

While he was in jail, Courtney Taylor Irby went to the his apartment and got all his guns, took them to the police department – and was arrested. FUCKING ARRESTED. FOR PROTECTING HERSELF AND HER CHILDREN AGAINST HER CRAZY EX HUSBAND.

Technically Courtney Taylor was arrested for theft and armed burglary. I mean maybe that’s the letter of the law, but she was trying to stay alive, for God’s sake. And that scumbag husband? He was released within 24 hours. Now she’s possibly being charged with a felony and him? Free.

If that ain’t some ridiculous bullshit!

In a system that claims to want to protect abused partners, so little is actively done TO actually protect the abused. How effective is a restraining order when an abuser is determined to get at his – or her – ex? Forget the restraining order, how hard is it to even GET a restraining order?

Courtney Taylor Irby was proactive in protecting her children and herself. And then she was punished for it.

This is why we keep fighting. Men are trash. Change my mind.

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