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New Year, Better Us

Happy New Year, all! Yeah, yeah I know – it’s been 2019 for a hot minute, you loser. We’re full on in this ish now… The new year doesn’t really count until we survive the first full week. This is when all those resolutions are dunzo or on the edge of dunzo. This is why I don’t really look at January 1st as a “fresh start”. It’s more of a continuation; the next chapter… Day 1 of [insert number of days I’ve been working at this here]. January 1st simply offers me a chance to kick it up a notch; basically a Super Mario Bros. power up, but for life. I don’t call my goals “resolutions”; they’re goals. Plain and simple. What the new year offers is a chance to prioritize, strategize and hit the ground running. January is the 1st month of the new year; one is the beginning of everything to follow. Every time “one” comes around, it’s a chance to begin a better path.


Goal 1: Project More Positivity & Gratitude

I am grateful…

I generally try to look at the brighter side of things and lift up others when I can. Sometimes I do stuck in my dark days and lose my focus. So for this new year, I’ve decided to reset my mind. Instead of remembering to be grateful during the day, I’m starting and ending my day with gratitude in my heart. How, you ask? Well, you probably didn’t but I’m going to tell you anyway. For one, I’ve started a gratitude journal. Basically, the first thing I do when I wake up – instead of checking my phone- is write down three things I’m grateful to have in my life. I end my day with writing down three more things I’m grateful to have in my life or that happened during the day. It’s like a nourishing breakfast for the soul. Start the day of with the right nutrients, you’ll feel better and make create  healthier more positive food choices thoughts throughout the day. I am also reading A Year of Positive Thinking: small daily reminders to keep my positive vibe up.

Goal 2: Keep My Health Journey Going

I’ve learned a lot about myself here…

So late last year, I ovaried up and got super serious about being healthy and getting into a shape other than round. Somehow I ended up signed onto a 6-week transformation challenge and then somehow ended up signed on for their CROSS FIT gym. Seriously; I don’t even recognize myself based on these choices. Thank you Iron Dog Gym.  Yup I cross fit now. I don’t know if any place that could make me cry from all the physical exertion, send me home with achy bones barely able to walk and still keep me coming back for more. I’m telling you, it’s been a strange few  months. Good…just strange.  So how do I keep up my resolve? Iron Dog, per usual,has my back. They have a member challenge going on. This keeps me accountable with my  workout attendance and eating healthier. I truly appreciate the pain they put me through. That wasn’t  said in a sarcastic tone… the amazing vibes in that place are really appreciated. I definitely would have given up [again] on my mission. 

Goal 3: Write More

Another goal of mine is to write more. It’s always a goal of mine, but I get overwhelmed and bogged down in my down days and anxiety. Every time I come back to it, I remember how therapeutic writing is for me and why I love rambling away about nonsense like this. Also… I have goals. I want my goofy voice to be heard ahem … read.  I like sharing random parts of my life with y’all. It helps me and if it helps one other person, YASSSSS! For this, I’ve set out outlines. I mean… if any actual English teachers saw my notes and outlines, I’d definitely retroactively flunk out of high school. Sorry, teacher fam; I’ve let you all down. But if any of them actually read this, they know this is anything but an essay or report. Nothing fancy here. Just accept me. My notes and outlines are just for me and my rambly brain understands my rambly writing. It’s all good.

But Really It is

Okay- enough apologizing. How I’m determined to kick this year’s butt and meet my personal goals is fairly simple. In my agenda (y’all know what an agenda nerd I am) I have mini vision boards. Basically they’re just little stickies on in my pages on what I want to accomplish for that month: blog-wise, financially, health-wise, etc. I know it’s only January, but so far breaking down my mountain climb into smaller steps helps me not to feel overwhelmed. I have also started my “big” vision board. Yes, yes… it’s not complete yet, but I want it just so… and that takes time. I’m not stressing about it.

A small glimpse of my monthly goals. I get more detailed in the weekly section




So – these are my commitments to me on bettering me. January 1st is my chance to reset my direction in my continued journey.

What are your goals for yourself?




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