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New Friends All The Way

Hi besties!

Happy National New Friends Day! Is there an age where we stop making new friends? Is there an age when it stops being scary to try to make new friends? Or is friend-making just destined to be an anxiety inducing thing forever? Yes, yes it is. But still… making new friends is so exciting!

Think about it. You meet someone and are all:

You: I like cheese

Stranger: Me too!

You: I also love trash tv & hate real life people

New Friend: OMG me too!

BOOM! YOU’RE BONDED! It’s insane.

The actual thought of going out and trying to make friends is so overwhelming. I for one, do NOT leave my home except for work and errands. And then when I run errands, my AirPods are firmly in my ears talking to me about the latest head found in the freezer. Also, talking to strangers is akin to drinking from a coffee mug filled with broken glass and rubbing alcohol: unpleasant. In other words, I am not a natural friend-maker or in very many friend making situations.  I am a mushroom: I tend to grow on you out of nowhere and you either like me or you don’t.  Exactly like a mushroom.

Buuuut – that’s when I think about making friends. Apparently I make them anyway? Because I’m calling and texting and chatting and I stop and it’s like: WTF! I have a new friend?! I KNOW PEOPLE… AND LIKE THEM?! People like this little fungus.

My panicky sidekick is like me. He is so overwhelmed at the prospect of a new school, new people, new environment. And then he does what he has to do and BAM! The kid has a whole crew of new buddies. He doesn’t even realize how cool he really is. Happens every time 🙂

So, keep making friends. You’ll never realize when you’re in the process anyway.

When they’re quality, you’ll come to love the friends you’ve known for a few months as much as the ones ones  you’ve known more than half your life.

In conclusion,  Drake was wrong. (Sorry, man)Make new friends! Just be your mushroomy self. You’ll make friends without even realizing you’ve made friends.

Celebrate that!


New friends


Psst: a literal how-to guide on not being weird and meeting new people (you’re welcome): Talk to Strangers


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