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Coming Out: Nobody Should Have To

Hi best friends!

This past week, we had National Coming Out Day.  National Coming Out Day is a day dedicated to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people “coming out of the closet”. I’ve been thinking about it a lot – beyond just this week – just… a lot. And you know what? It makes me so sad. The thought of my child coming out makes me so sad. The thought of any of my loved ones’ littles coming out hurts my heart.

Stay with me please.

It hurts me because in order to come out, they will have had to be “in”; as in hiding. If my son comes out to me, it will mean he was hiding who he is. He will have had to work up nerve to tell his truth – to let me see him. I picture my son, my beautiful souled boy practicing what he’s going to tell me and him imagining any and every possible reaction from me. Good and bad… He will be envisioning his safe place being taken away from him. Thinking of all the possibilities… The fear and anxiety that must envelop everyone’s child before they come out. That hurts me. I can personally picture many reasons some should be afraid to be themselves. Love & self identity should not be on the list.

Sadly, so many people have their worst fears realize when they do come out. The people who love them the most turning their backs on  him. It truly sickens me.

Why is “coming out” even a thing?

Our children should be able to bring their boo thangs home and we, as parents, will either like or dislike them based solely on the fact that our kids are at the age that they’re dating and these kids are a bad influence. Gender isn’t a factor in my overprotective mom brain. Love and support from family – ESPECIALLY guardians. That’s our privilege and our job.

One day, coming out stories won’t have to exist. People will just be who they are and that will be okay.

Until then, anyone who feels they are “in” and too afraid to be “out”; y’all are safe with me.

Coming Out

I love you

Some LGBTQ Resources:
  • The Trevor Project has several direct online resources specifically for LGBTQ youth:
    • Trevor Lifeline: 1-866-488-7386.
    • TrevorText: available 24/7/365, by texting START to 678678.
    • TrevorSpace:


There are plenty more resources out there. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

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