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2022 Subscription: Manifesting a Better Year



Hi friends! Y’all okay? You good? I… am not. I mean, I am, but I’m not. You know? We are fully immersed in this year: the 2022 trial subscription is over and we are IN IT for the entire 2022 subscription and I have to say… so far I’m not impressed. I really don’t want the full subscription at this point. Reviews are terrible. 2020’s really needs an entire rebrand and a better PR manager because this right here? Not it.

The year started off with cooties in our house. New Year’s Eve, I pick up The Boy from his dad’s after a long week without him and he’s sick. It took almost 14 years for The Boy’s dad to remember to get me any kind of gift and when he finally sends me something, it’s a boy full of Covid. Happy New Year to us!  Thanks for the Black Plague, bruh. We had to quarantine for a little over three weeks and you know what? Being locked up in a house together is pretty terrible when you know you can’t leave. We can stay at home for days without leaving, no problem. Just knowing we can’t go anywhere else is what is frustrating. I guess that’s the rebellious streak flowing in our veins. The one time in 2020 was a great experiment, but nah. We’re good. Not as anti-peopley as we thought we were.

So anyway that’s been our 2022 so far. Nope, not a fan. I know I can’t cancel the subscription, but I’m going to make it known – I am NOT happy about it. Like I said; this whole decade needs a rebrand. The 2020 reputation precedes it. What I’m looking at is not “new year/fresh start”. It’s more “2020: Part 3”


Since I’m (and by “I’m”, I mean ALL OF US) stuck with the 2022 subscription, I guess I’ll make the most of it. The vision board is going to go HARD this year. I mean we are going to manifest the sh** out of some positive things. 2022 is not going to be a 2020 three-peat. I will not let that nonsense happen. Not on my watch.

I highly suggest y’all do the same. It’s the only way we can fix this mess of the 2020s and make it right. We’re going back to basics. Morning affirmations, prayers, meditations! Whatever you believe in, believe in it harder! We’re upgrading our 2022 subscription – because eff this!

Time to get out the glue, markers, posterboard, magazines and glitter. It’s time to make that vision board! This is manifestation ground zero! You need to clip a representation of every single goal in your sweet little soul and glue it on! Hold up those magazine clipping representations of what you want and say “YES! IT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!” I don’t care if it’s a new car or a new brand of toothpaste you are trying to manifest into your life- I am 100% cheering you on!


2022 Subscription. we DO got this
It’s true. We do.

I hope you you are reading this as me cheering you on, otherwise my enthusiastic overuse of exclamation points is thoroughly wasted.  Dumpster fire version of our 2022 subscription be damned. This is our plan for 2022, got it? Good. Now, let’s get to work.

Lastly and always, know I am always cheering you  on!! Love you! Mean it!


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