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The Best Deals For Amazon Prime Day

Hello hermits! The most sacred of all online shopping days is upon us: Amazon Prime Day. This year, Amazon has blessed us with two days of deals. I know, right?! They’re also promising over a million deals and discounts on their holy day. Seriously though, who has time to do ALL that browsing?  Below are some of the best deals I found that Amazon Prime Day has to offer.

Everything Amazon Makes

Obviously everything Amazon is on sale.Amazon Fire Stick TV

If  you need a new Fire TV  Stick,  July 15th and 16th are your chance to score one  for  $14.99 instead of the $39.99 they’re usually priced.


Are you ready to jump into the “Alexa, fix my life” game, now’s your chance. The Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is on sale for $22, down from $49.99. That is a mighty sweet deal. The fancier Echo models are also on sale so make sure you check those out too if you want Alexa to really fix your life.


Instant Pot

The much beloved Instant Pot is also on sale. The  6 quart DUO60 is normally $99.95, but on Prime Day, it’ll be $49.99. If you’v been on the fence  about  the  Instant Pot, this is definitely the  time to buy. Trust me, you will NOT regret it. When I’m on my game, the Instant Pot is a meal prep necessity. Also, if I have family over and totally forget actually invited someone into my home, I can pretend I planned a bougie meal and spent hours preparing, but that sucker really only took like 20 minutes to make it instead of like 2 hours or whatever. So yeah – you definitely want to jump on that sweetness.

Instant Pot 6 qt

Surface Laptop

If you’re looking for a new laptop to kick some academic ass or just troll the internet like the rest of us, of course Amazon has you covered there too. The  8GB Surface, regularly $999  will be on sale for $704. This is always a Prime Day favorite.

You Didn’t Know You Needed These But You Absolutely Do

Amazon Prime Day isn’t just for the techie geeks; there’s a little something for everybody and for pretty much every room in the house.

Himwari Backpack 

Obviously you’re going to need something cute practical to tote around your snazzy laptop – and Amazon has you covered there. They think of everything! This cute Himwari backpack comes in several different colors, so make sure to check what’s in stock if you’re impatient like me. Today and tomorrow, they’re on sale for $24.69 (regularly priced at $59.99). Don’t forget about the additional discount taken at checkout if the price isn’t as awesome as listed at first.

Himawawri Laptop Backpack

Stone & Beam’s Stoneware Vases

Cute little knickknacks make a huge difference in any house. Especially if you’re like me and really don’t know a thing about home décor. A few of these vases on random shelves around the house make you look like the adult you’re pretending to be. Prices start at $13.09 for Prime Day (Normally $18.99)

Home Decor at its finest

They come in three different sizes (small, medium, large), so mix it up and look like you know how to adult like a pro.

SixPlus Makeup Brush Set

How many makeup brushes can one have? The limit does not exist. You need brushes and then you need backup brushes for when you clean those brushes. And then you need backup brushes for the backup brushes in case you forget to clean those brushes. Trust me. I know things.


This makeup brush set comes with fifteen brushes and a holder for $32.49 (regularly $49.99). If you don’t know brushes, that’s a pretty good deal. Plus – CUTE!!

Unstable Unicorns

Ridiculous party games always make me happy. Actually lots of things make me happy. Y’all should really just make me happy. It’s not that hard. Unstable? Unicorns? May as well throw in my social security number if they’re going to call me out like that.

Unstable Unicorns

Anyway, it’s on sale for $12.30 versus its regular $20.00.


Amazon Prime Day deals are always updating and they’re constantly throwing in flash deals that only last for a couple hours. So if you have your eye on something in particular, make sure you mark it to keep an eye on when/if it goes on sale.

Note: I don’t make any money off Amazon if you click the link and buy. I’m just sharing some killer savings with y’all.

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