The Reluctant Adult: Goals

How is that new year treating everyone so far? Does 2017 still have that great new year smell? That shiny new year shine? Have you started your resolutions yet? Have you broken them? Don’t lie. This is a safe place.


When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I pass. I hate that word: resolutions. So breakable. So pathetic. I mean, props to those who commit, but to me a resolution is a promise I make to myself. I tend to break promises to myself. Then I feel like a loser and say “Welp! Next year will be my year…” and then it’s over. You don’t try again. It’s over until December and you start this “new year, new me” junk all over again

So no. I don’t believe in resolutions. I know. I am such a party pooper. What I do believe in though, is goals. Goals are never ending. You meet them, and make new ones. You hit a wall, then you look for a door. You know…all that inspirational crap. Cheesy, but true. So, I set goals. January 1st is just a starting point. If I screw up, I’ll regroup like the anxiety ridden warrior I am. No big.

Except 2016. That was a dumpster fire we shall never speak of again.

Happy New Year


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