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Be Your Own Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Ugh, I know, right? But being single doesn’t have to just mean impatiently waiting for February 15th to get 70% off all the candy. In fact, be your own damn valentine. Treat yourself because why TF not? Besides, who’s going to treat you better than you? Exactly.

So I’ve scrounged up some of my favorite finds that you should definitely check out because you’ll love them.

  • Face masks. Not just any drugstore face mask, but a good, fancy feeling one. At home spa night will be amazing. Because at home, you’re not judged for enjoying your amazing facial with pizza and a bottle of wine with just a crazy straw.  GlamGlow is one of my favorite masks ever. Catch this awesome deal at Pick one from the pack at slather it on while you watch your cheesiest rom-com (or if you’re like me, horror is the real love story for V-Day), surround yourself with tacos, wine and good single vibes.


Currently coveting these shiny beauties.
  • Shoes. Duh. As the lovely, late Marylin said; “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Shoedazzle offers the right kind of shoe to conquer anything. Yea, you need a membership, but as long as you remember to skip before the 5th of the month, you won’t be charged.
  • Peach is the bee’s knees right now for eyeshadow. There’s a reason for that. It’s freaking beautiful. Of course Too-Faced hit the nail on the head (per usual) with their Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Palette. It’s a perfect blend of sassy natural. Find it on on the Too Faced site. Oh! And the palette smells like PEACHES! WHAT?!
  • A massage. I know, I know. That sounds lame and predictable as far as treat yo self goes, but hear me out. We schedule massages to work out our kinks and stress and what not. So, that can basically be viewed as a necessity. I am talking about a fancy hot rock, deep tissue, oh my god, can I keep this masseuse in my closet forever type of massage. What better way to keep the single blues away? Tell me; I’ll wait. 
  • I actually found this site by accident on my semi-regular hunt for cute planner accessories and now I basically want everything in it. MochiThings is too freaking adorable. They have all kinds of goodies on there. But be sure to double check your cart before you actually check out. Your bank account thanks you in advance.

    Umm hi! Can you be any cuter?

For the record, I tried asking guys what they would buy for themselves as a Valentine’s Day gift. It turns out they are just as lame and clueless about themselves in gift giving as they are about women. 

Disclaimer: I make zero dollars from these websites or products. I’m just a girl in love with pretty stuff

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